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Healthier Workplace Cleaning Tips

Healthier Workplace Cleaning Tips

Cleaning and disinfecting your workplace can be one of the most beneficial things to consider and accomplish.

Items to use for disinfection: The disinfection process you need to undertake is quite stringent. NEA recommends a list of household products and active ingredients for disinfection. Bleach can be used for cleaning and disinfection provided it is left for a contact time of at least 10 minutes on surfaces. However, bleach cannot be used on all surfaces. Alcohol-based solutions are recommended for surfaces like metal to keep the coronavirus away.

While carrying out cleaning and disinfection, you must wear disposable gloves, disposable long sleeved gowns, eye goggles and N95 masks at all times. Wash hands with soap and water before a new cleaning equipment is worn. It is also important to dispose of all wearables responsibly.

Here is the list of EPA approved disinfectants against COVID-19.

Disinfection and post-disinfection care

Cleaning guidelines for areas exposed to confirmed cases is a step-up from the normal practice. These identified areas must be sealed off first before disinfection. Also, the area has to be ventilated. Apart from cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, toilets and floors, curtains and fabrics should be removed and washed using a hot water cycle, ie, washing with detergent in water at 70 degree C for at least 25 minutes.

Always read and follow the directions on the label of the disinfectant to ensure safe and effective use.

Wear skin protection and consider eye protection for potential splash hazards

Ensure adequate ventilation

Use no more than the amount recommended on the label

Use water at room temperature for dilution (unless stated otherwise on the label)

Avoid mixing chemical products

Label diluted cleaning solutions

Store and use chemicals out of the reach of children and pets

You should never eat, drink, breathe or inject these products into your body or apply directly to your skin as they can cause serious harm. Do not wipe or bathe pets with these products or any other products that are not approved for animal use.

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